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Like Father Like Son

Recently, I went out to take some street photos with my friend Adam, and we noticed there was a Sounders game going on, so we thought it’d be a good opportunity to find some interesting people heading to the game. By the time we found parking and got to the stadium, the fans had already gone in. As we were about to give up, we turned around and saw this guy and his son walking toward the stadium, and we stopped them and asked to take their portrait.

The man’s name is Anthony, and his adorable son’s name is Xavier. Anthony has a friend who has season tickets, and Xavier is just starting in his local soccer league, so he takes his son out to Sounders games when they can, which I think is awesome. Anthony seems like a great dad, and Xavier is a very happy kid.

I don’t take photos of a lot of young children (because A. I don’t want to be creepy, and B. kids bore the hell out of me), but Xavier’s outgoing, cheerful personality was such a strong reflection of his father that I wanted to document that in a portrait of him. Some parents get easily frustrated with their children when it comes to being photographed, but Anthony spoke very calmly to his son, assuring him that they’d both love the photos when they got to see them. No threats, no yelling, just positivity.

More parents should be like Anthony.

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