Jesse Rogers


Very few people have ever gotten to my home without getting lost. These instructions should help.


Getting Here

My home/photo studio is located in Redmond, WA, about half an hour east of downtown Seattle.

15803 Bear Creek Pkwy, E508
Redmond, WA 98052


Parking and Buzzing In


Where to park

On the eastmost side of the Riverpark/Hyatt area, there's a road that goes along the side and around the back of my building. The entrances to the garage are on that side.

Parking can be scarce on the first level, but usually abundant on P1. Park anywhere that doesn't have a sign saying not to park there.


The easiest way into the building is to go to the callbox by the leasing office. Dial 089 + CALL, and I will buzz you in.

You will be able to see the elevators immediately after entering, and my home is on the 5th floor.


If you run into any problems, give me a call or send a text to (206) 953-4430