Jesse Rogers

A&R Solar

Commissioned illustration set for corporate website use

A&R Solar contacted me to discuss creating a set of illustrations for their website to help communicate the basics of Solar Energy on their "how it works" page.

The Brief

A&R Solar needed illustrations of seven key components in a residential solar energy setup, and an animated diagram to show the process from start to finish.

They needed illustrations of: an inverter, a service panel, a net meter, a production meter, a solar panel, system monitoring (their app), power lines, and the diagram.

The Constraints

At the time of this project, A&R Solar's brand was a little underdeveloped. They had one or two defined colors for me to work with, and they left creative and art direction up to me as well.

I took their main two colors and leveraged Adobe Illustrator Color Guides to generate calculated, complementary colors when necessary. The rest of the time, I used gray shades when possible to keep the illustrations as neutral as possible, so they wouldn't create color conflicts as the brand evolved.

The Work

The individual illustrations went smoothly — after only three days and two rounds of revisions, we shipped the seven illustrations.


The animated diagram took a little more work to nail down, since it needed to be technically accurate.

I reused the illustrations to construct the diagram as well, and after several rounds of feedback, we were able to ship the diagram as well. However, by the time it was finished, it didn't look like my work anymore, so I've opted to leave it off my website.

The important thing is, A&R Solar was happy with it, and we were able to solve one of their problems through design and illustration.

Additional Work

A&R Solar's marketing team was so happy with the work I produced, they asked me to create a poster of the rules for their Friday afternoon beer keg.


They wanted a construction-themed poster that clearly dictated the five rules of using the office beer keg. I used their blue brand color and generated a yellow to go with the construction banner illustration.

The poster was well-received and actually underwent no revisions. Slam dunk.



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